Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Righting the ship in a big way
One Angry Christian

There are a few conversations I've been having with conservatives that I chat with in person in my region and almost always it turns to what the next election cycle is going to look like. I sat down with my Dad last night and as it always does our conversation turned to politics. It's interesting to talk to so many locals here in Northwest Arkansas and hear what conservatives in such an "uneducated area" (uneducated in the eyes of most of the left coasts anyway) think.

We're all of roughly the same opinion: the next election is going to go red, but each person has a different opinion on why, how, and to what degree.

I think this next election is going to be a bloodbath for Democrats again. Why? Because they have not deviated from their policies, and Republicans are doubling down on the fiscal conservative initiative. Republicans aren't just doing that in policy but INTERNALLY. That bodes very well for the party.

A taste of what "establishment" Republicans are thinking via Karl Rove:

The RNC is not just broke: it’s deeply in debt and reportedly without enough money to make payroll when the balloting began last Friday. The RNC has seen a nearly $50 million swing from almost $25 million in the bank when Steele became chairman to more than $21 million in the red when he left. The GOP HQ is likely to see checks roll in this week from donors grateful Steele is out, but it’s hard to raise money to pay off debt.

Priebus has told GOP insiders he understands the RNC’s grave financial position and will work the problem from both ends. He’s already fired Steele’s picks to run the 2012 Tampa Republican Convention. They were hired and dispatched to Florida last summer, more than a year before is customary, and immediately began running up big housing bills and other expenses. Priebus has also begun an extensive outreach to the GOP’s fundraising pooh-bahs to explain there’s a new fiscal regime in place. No more bloated entourages, sweetheart deals, and lack of financial oversight.
Emphasis mine.

The point here is that Prebius isn't just talking about changing the way the RNC does business internally. He's grabbed the wheel and cut a sharp about face. I think this is just the first in several hard turns that the RNC is about to make.

With veterans like Karl Rove (whom most of us consider establishment) cheering him on this may turn into a massive team effort about face which will likely lead to a more financially powerful, better organized, more streamlined, extremely effective RNC. All of this is imo is a great sign for fiscal conservatives because it makes it obvious that the fiscal conservatism touted in the campaigns IS NOT just a slogan. It has become not only policy where legislation is concerned but an internal mechanism that will drive the RNC to fundamental change.

Karl goes on to say:
Restoring the RNC’s effectiveness requires time, discipline, leadership, and money. The new Republican national chairman has time and appears to have the needed discipline. Whether he gets the job done will depend on his leadership and fundraising
Where as I agree, I think the one thing he's leaving out here is the fact that the Tea Party whips will be at their establishement backs if this doesn't get done. If it continues to progress in the direction of fiscal disclipline you can expect Tea Partiers will be well stuffed under the tent of the GOP in full support of implimenting the GOP's new found fiscal discipline.

So far it appears to be a good cycle to be a conservative supporting the GOP. We'll see how it goes going forward.


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