Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's the big government Stupid!
One Angry Christian

So I've been really busy lately. I know I haven't posted in forever. Much has happened. I've been keeping my eye on the news, and some of what is going on is frightening. Some of it is... well... hilarious.

While most everyone I know is lamenting the current administration I'm nearly celebrating. I said during the campaign season to someone close to me that I hoped the republican party lost. Why? Because if the leftist democrats get what they want, and America gets to see them for what they are.

It's been fun watching the leftists destroy themselves. I can't put a price tag on watching the media demonize average Americans who protest our extremely over weight government, and watching most of the people I know get more and more angry. They're not just angry with politicians. They're angry with the media. I think the bias of most media has become so obvious that even left leaning moderates are finally starting to see it.

You just can't PAY for that kind of promotion for a small government agenda. The media by freaking out is doing for the conservative movement what we couldn't do for ourselves. It's so beautiful it just makes me wanna throw a party.

With that I give you ... the Top Ten Reasons Obama won't be re-elected as written in the New York Post's "The Real Reason Americans are Angry: It's the Big Government, Stupid!"

Top 10 Obama Government Grabs

1. The Stimulus ($787 billion)

Making government the nation's largest employer.

2. The Omnibus ($410 billion)

Now largely forgotten, this porktastic piece of leftover Bush legislation passed in March without so much as a peep from a new administration that campaigned nobly against earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility.

3. Health Care Reform ($1 trillion?)

The white whale of Obama's domestic agenda; currently under threat from all sides of every aisle.

4. Cap and Trade.

Not yet law, and less likely to become so now that health care reform has hit the skids, this House-approved legislation would nonetheless make producing and consuming energy much more expensive, adding an estimated $1,100 per household by 2050, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

5. Antitrust lawsuits against Google, et al.

Not on everyone's radar screen yet, but the new head of the Justice Department's antitrust division has recently said, regarding everyone's favorite free search engine, that "I think you are going to see a repeat of Microsoft."

6) Pay Czar

As part of the federalization of commerce, the Obama administration appointed a "Special Master for Compensation" to review the top salaries of executives at firms receiving bailout money. This will surely debase their global competitiveness.

7. Turning Pell Grants into an entitlement.

This, like the recently terminated Cash-for-Clunkers program, will doubtlessly prove popular (as most federal programs that give away "free" money usually are), but the Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act will, if passed, make the federal government the last big provider of student loans in America.

8. Having the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco.

This Philip Morris-backed development, which will reduce the nicotine content of cigarettes, will keep safer tobacco products off the market while imposing onerous marketing restrictions.

9. Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Unclear how it will all shake out, but the federal government is preparing steps for unprecedented regulation of all consumer finance transactions. Already, payday lenders are being chased into the black market, and New York is losing its luster as an international capital for finance.

10. Federal Trade Commission overreach.

Again off most radar screens, the former Ralph Naderite who now runs the FTC's Consumer Protection Division has announced intentions to crack down on companies deemed to violate consumer privacy, even if no consumers are complaining.

Given another few years of this the liberal Republicans will be squashed, the leftist democrats will be run out of the country, and we'll be left with Moderates and Conservatives.

Here's hoping Obama keeps doing what he does best - making it obvious that democrat really is synonymous with socialist in American politics.

-One Angry Christian
(Wishing he were cool enough to be reported to the government)


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