Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best Post ... EVER!
One Angry Christian

You really must read this. Please make sure you're not drinking anything when you open it.

-One Angry Christian
(In favor of needlessly burning hippies)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Details Details Details...
One Angry Christian

First read the Fox News Article. After you finish it (it's rather small so it shouldn't take long) then read Neil Boortz article about the same exact event.

Can anyone find another article written by any other blogger or journalist that mentions that silver mine?

Could someone please explain to me why college educated "intellectuals" don't see that as a REALLY PHREAKING MAJOR DETAIL they're leaving out? No media bias my hairy white butt.

-One Angry Christian

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Did ya miss me?
One Angry Christian

So I'm back for a bit as I just couldn't pass up a few of the stories I've come across online. You simply have to read this tripe to believe it. Of course, I found it at hotairDOTcom.

The hallowed halls of journalism that I was privileged to enter more than 20 years ago are looking more and more like the New York subway. The walls covered in bloggers' scrawl, the platform crowded with any yahoo with a camera and an open mike. All are headed to your computer screen or television for the 15 seconds you'll give them before moving on to the next hot spot. That's not how we do things at this newspaper.

Here, every morning, some 20 smart, educated, well-read and diverse people gather around a table and talk.

I'd like to point out a couple of very obvious things in this article. The first being that it's hilarious that this "educated" journalist was admittedly nailed to the wall by bloggers who may not have first caught the story but certainly drove it home.

Sucks when you get caught doesn't it?

So what does one do when they're caught doing something that they shouldn't be doing yet some how are convinced that they should be allowed to do? ... Well, that's simple... attack the source. If you have no real way to attack their argument or if you have a valid reason to fear that if you do attack their argument that your boss will hand you your head on a platter go after their character or work on general premiss.

I believe this is what an "intellectual" temper tantrum looks like. At least I think so, but I wouldn't know as I'm conservative. Conservatives are incapable of intellectualism. The medial told me so. It must be true.

The thing that kills me about people like her, and the way the blogs react are rather simple. First off, Nicole Brodeur is trying hard here to make an honest apology for letting her opinion come out around people who may disagree with her, but have the sense to keep their mouths shut. The blogs on the right obviously pointed it out as if anyone would care.

I hate to inform most of my fellow conservatives out there, but most of those whom this would reach are already convinced. The rest are so far on the left that the middle is no longer visible to them. I've gotten used to this idea. Sadly, it's accurate.

I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't point it out. I'm simply saying understand that it's of little effect.

That's not really what "gets me" about the reaction on the right blogosphere. What really makes me smirk is that anyone would complain. I mean, we all know the media is biased. It's obvious from the way the head lines are written, to the stories that are picked for every major front page, to the way in which the media is practically a casualty / injury / wrong doing ticker screaming every time one of our people dies, is injured, or does something inhumane.

It's become painfully obvious whose side the media is on, and it's not ours. All they need is a jihadi scarf and to throw "death to America" in between blurbs, and you'd have Al Queda's very own propaganda machine. No. I'm not exaggerating, and if you think that then move closer to center. Stay away from Michael Moore's "we hate America" trash, and quit reading Alex Jones. If you can't do that then please go get shock therapy or at the very least don't procreate.

The fact that 25% of all Americans believe that our government knew 9/11 was going to happen or was in some way complicit in the event, and yet somehow ONLY point blame to George W. Bush as the evil demon that is responsible when many memos of the same nature Came Across Clinton's desk is a huge indicator of what kind of group think our media is instilling in the masses.

The fact that this group think conspiracy theorist mind set is specifically targeting conservatives who tend to be Christians, Republicans who tend to be conservative (if they were more so I'd be happier with my party), and of course Jews. It seems that the whole world hates people who want a smaller government bent on national defense and Liberty, Christians, and Jews who tend to thrive in the previously mentioned environment. Crazy isn't it?

With that said, I leave you with yet more evidence that Racism in America is live and well.

Too bad the media cares a lot less that black leaders are firing white workers than they do that Bush's Attorney General fired less people than Clinton's, and that was before she sent armed agents to kick down the door of an unarmed family with sub machine guns and gas grenades to remove a small child so the child could be shipped back to ... Communist Cuba, and before she massacred a compound of religious nuts who'd never blown up a sky scraper full of innocent civilians. In fact, they'd never actually hurt... anyone.

I know it's a total rip off, but "Exit Question". Do you think that the ACLU will get involved with this obvious racial firing incident, and finally are you naive enough to believe that they'll actually be on whitey's side? I sure hope not.

-One Angry Christian