Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is how you support your Senator
One Angry Christian

So I read today that the Dems lost their attempt to lose us a war, and land the people of Iraq in the middle of mass genocide at the hands of Al Queda and various other groups.

I noticed that some of the Democrats crossed the Isle to help defeat the measure, and in fact one of them was my own Senator. Take note. I am praising a Democrat. It doesn't happen every day.

Mr Pryor,

A long while back I wrote you during the 04 campaign along with Mrs Lincoln requesting to know why it was you would not support certain morally driven legislation such as the marriage amendment. I simply wanted to know where those who represent me and my family stood on the issues even if we disagreed. I also wanted to understand why.

Of the two Arkansas Senators that my tax dollars bankroll only one had the sense of duty to respond. That would be you. Now I know it was a canned letter from one of your office people, and frankly I don't give a damn. I got what I asked for even if I didn't agree with it.

Later I heard Ronnie Floyd talking about how you sincerely believed that this was a state's rights issue. Well, I thought about your letter, and about how you had bothered to talk to our Pastor. I spent some time chewing on it, and I came to agree with you on the subject.

Now once again you have gained my absolute respect.

I was absolutely floored when I saw you were among the few Democrats (though I really shouldn't have been surprised) who stood up for our troops and our mission in Iraq. Regardless of whether one believes in the war or not it would be hard to stand against the tide of one's own party and political support. I understand this full well.

You have what many politicians lack: Moral Courage.

From one Republican across the aisle to one Democrat - From one Arkansas Patriot to another thank you from the very bottom of mine and my friends and family in Iraq's hearts.

-One Angry Christian
And yes. I signed it "One Angry Christian".

I wonder... if he'll ... find my blog. Eh, he probably won't even read it. His staff will, but regardless you can't complain when people do the wrong thing, and not give credit when they do the right thing. Senator Pryor is in my opinion a good man if not a perfect one. Everyone should hope to be accounted as such.

-One Angry Christian


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