Sunday, March 18, 2007

From point A to point B
One Angry Christian

Step One: Seize the media

Step Two: Frame the opposition as the enemy of the State

Step Three: Use the media push the opposing party out of power.

Step Four: Make the opposing party illegal.

Step Five: Make the expression of the beliefs that form opposition illegal.

Step Six: Authoritarian Dictatorship complete.
Nuff said.

-One Angry Christian
Reaping what you sew
One Angry Christian

Yes Nancy. They are your constituency ... whether you like it or not.

At the risk of seeming heartless I have to say


-One Angry Christian
How Democrats Practice that "free flow of information" they preach
One Angry Christian

There's a lot of ironic content in this article I just read, but one part really caught my attention.

It was after the speech that I shook his hand. Ian and I spent a few minutes chatting with a couple of conservatives who also survived the speech, and then proceeded to get out of the building. Who was standing atop the stairs, talking with students before heading out to the street? Why, Terry Mac himself. So I got his attention, called him a “good sport” and shook his hand. He told us he’d have to sue the school if I post the video, which really isn’t my problem but word given, the video (which isn’t all that exciting anyway) stays offline. Then he went one way and we went the other. Down the hall a ways, he called out “It’ll be an interesting 2008!”
Emphasis mine obviously, but that should stick out like a sore thumb. Bryan at calls the article "Terry McAuliffe: Chavez is Bush’s fault". He really should have called it "Terry McAuliffe: Screw freedom of information". The case can be made that his words were posted, but the information is stripped of the context of his demeanor, the attitude of the predominantly liberal crowd, and the way he treated those posing questions.

While that might seem trivial it's beneficial to remember that if this guy were a Republican and he threatened to sue someone over posting video of him on the internet it would be front page news. What's even more ironic is that I've googled the topic, and I can't find one instance of a Republican threatening to sue someone for simply posting video of a speech he or she gave.

I do, however, remember how the Dems used veiled threats to pull the broadcast license of someone else who wanted to air something that would make them look bad, or at least put the situation in a context other than what they had presented it as. I guess they couldn't get Sandy Berger on the video cutting room floor to destroy the evidence.

Next time some Dem tries to tell you how the Republicans hide stuff from you keep in mind that we weren't the ones shredding documents that would have shed more light on the "path to 9\11".

Only a Democrat would censor "The path to 9-11" as right wing propaganda dangerous to America, and call Michael Moore's out right lies "free expression that benefits the discussion". This mentality betrays the mentality that has over taken the far left in American where in the Truth becomes inconvenient and therefore traded off for whatever intellectually deluded concoction can gain traction in the popular culture and put the far left in power.

Power to the people in deed.

-One Angry Christian

Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is how you support your Senator
One Angry Christian

So I read today that the Dems lost their attempt to lose us a war, and land the people of Iraq in the middle of mass genocide at the hands of Al Queda and various other groups.

I noticed that some of the Democrats crossed the Isle to help defeat the measure, and in fact one of them was my own Senator. Take note. I am praising a Democrat. It doesn't happen every day.

Mr Pryor,

A long while back I wrote you during the 04 campaign along with Mrs Lincoln requesting to know why it was you would not support certain morally driven legislation such as the marriage amendment. I simply wanted to know where those who represent me and my family stood on the issues even if we disagreed. I also wanted to understand why.

Of the two Arkansas Senators that my tax dollars bankroll only one had the sense of duty to respond. That would be you. Now I know it was a canned letter from one of your office people, and frankly I don't give a damn. I got what I asked for even if I didn't agree with it.

Later I heard Ronnie Floyd talking about how you sincerely believed that this was a state's rights issue. Well, I thought about your letter, and about how you had bothered to talk to our Pastor. I spent some time chewing on it, and I came to agree with you on the subject.

Now once again you have gained my absolute respect.

I was absolutely floored when I saw you were among the few Democrats (though I really shouldn't have been surprised) who stood up for our troops and our mission in Iraq. Regardless of whether one believes in the war or not it would be hard to stand against the tide of one's own party and political support. I understand this full well.

You have what many politicians lack: Moral Courage.

From one Republican across the aisle to one Democrat - From one Arkansas Patriot to another thank you from the very bottom of mine and my friends and family in Iraq's hearts.

-One Angry Christian
And yes. I signed it "One Angry Christian".

I wonder... if he'll ... find my blog. Eh, he probably won't even read it. His staff will, but regardless you can't complain when people do the wrong thing, and not give credit when they do the right thing. Senator Pryor is in my opinion a good man if not a perfect one. Everyone should hope to be accounted as such.

-One Angry Christian

Monday, March 12, 2007

And another conservative site gets hacked in the name of "Peace"
One Angry Christian

In one hand they have signs calling the Bush Administration "fascists". In the other hand their keyboard and internet connection where they spew hate speech against anyone who happens to differ with them, and apparently where they also enjoy silencing political dissent.

Not brave enough to go to war, but definitely brave enough to squash other people's free speech when they can hide behind an internet connection.

Cowards. All of them.

h/t lady_j_usa

-One Angry Christian
Leftist hacker gets off light at the hands of "Compassionate Judge"
One Angry Christian

You'll never see this on Kos, DU, or any other site that claims to support free speech for all people.

In a victory for free speech and property rights, Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to two years in federal prison to begin in January 2007.

It sounds great till you get to this part.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, Zagel brushed aside Hammond's plans to rob victims out of millions of dollars as a lapse in judgment rather than willful and malicious credit card fraud, saying, "all 19-year-olds are idiots." He also characterized the theft itself as "countering speech [Hammond] found wrong ." Considering Hammond's history of violence and crime, Zagel's bizarrely euphemistic characterization of Hammond's actions reveals a misplaced compassion.
Can you imagine what would happen to this guy if he were a conservative activist part of a support the troops movement? This would be front page news on CNN. Instead I had to dig it out of the victims site.

Besides public execution by the media you'd likely see them sentenced as a home grown terrorist. How many times have stories like this come up, and the Democrats have flipped out? Where's their out rage now? What about the leftist knee jerk groups that go into convulsions ever time they think that some conservative might be thinking about something that might possibly lead to someone thinking about their perceived rights being infringed upon?

This is yet another example of how the "for justice and peace" movements, the press, and the far left in general are really more for "oppression, silencing, and robbery" of their political opponents considering that they protest "civil rights" violations every time the Administration breaks wind, but they can't seem to muster enough stones to speak up when one of their own violently, verbally, or virtually attacks someone on the opposing side.

Ann Coulter uses the "F word" and the press goes nuts. Some leftist hacks a site, attempts to steal credit card information and in essence the identity of
of a few thousand members of an opposing political movement and they're deafeningly silent. I find the whole thing ironic considering their passionate hatred of the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act is bad enough to motivate thousands of protesters, but criminals trying to attack free speech by robbing political opponents is ... no big deal.

I'm not surprised, but it's just one more notch in the "the press is biased" coffin of the massive mainstream media.

Where are the out raged free speech proponents? Probably partying in Castro's private bunker.

-One Angry Christian
"Peace" Protest in my home town
One Angry Christian

It figures that the day after I finally post that I won't be on much I'd read this article about "Peace" Protesters in my home town. I just can't let this pass without saying something about it.

I've been digging around and I can't find the article on line, but I did find a ton of pictures.

I've so got to get on these guys mailing list. I would have taken the day off to get some video of the protest and ask a few of the women protesting how they feel about supporting the suppression of women's rights in Iraq. I wonder if any of them realize that the media's "peace protester" label is complete garbage.

They're not supporting peace. They're supporting war in Iraq that's more focused on civilians rather than militants and our military. In effect they're saying that they'd rather see families and children fighting the war there rather than our well armed well trained men and women.

That's their choice and all, but they really ought to work on their truth in advertising. There's nothing peaceful about what their movement is proposing.

-One Angry Christian

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Color me a Rarity
One Angry Christian

As you may have noticed I haven't been posting much lately. I've been very busy with work, and some other projects that have come up. I won't be posting as often for a while as suddenly my work actually wants me to ... work for that check they give me. It's a nice change to actually have soemthing to do at work for once, so I'm jumping all over it.

I'll still post occasionally, but I won't be around as much. I'm still reading my FL on myspace and LJ, but aside from that color me a rarity.

I'll leave you with this bit of hilarity. I call it the best environmental website ... ever. You simply have to see it.

-One Angry Christian