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The Sexualization of our youth and its consequences
One Angry Christian

For the sake of full disclosure on this subject I'm going to be very open about a few things, and I'm sure this will cost me in some aspects. However, honesty is important.

I am not a practicing Christian, and I am sexually active. I do not claim to be a "righteous man" living according to the teachings of the Bible. In fact, though I understand the Bible quite well I'm very much in opposition to it in many of my habits.

In short: I'm human, and not a very good one at that.

This does not, however, mean that I don't see what the massive over-sexualization of our culture is doing to the nation. I won't go into any detail about my sex life here. It's none of your business, but for the sake of full disclosure I want that known.

I don't want anyone getting the impression that I think I'm better than anyone. This isn't about being better or more righteous than anyone. This is about paying attention to the implications of what we as a society are doing to ourselves and to our children.

Moving right along.

The more the government gets involved with a situation the more they screw it up. The government has been trying to "help" our youth with sexual issues for a long time now. Instead of teaching our kids to avoid situations where one might be impregnated we give them condoms. Instead of teaching them to abstain from sexual situations that spread diseases even when condoms are used we vaccinate them.

I'd say "the left doesn't really want to talk about this", but frankly no one but the conservative religious base really pays attention to the real life consequences of sexual promiscuity. Unlike the far left that proclaims that they teach "the whole truth" about sexual issues the religious right does teach the whole functional truth about the dangers of sexual activity that include every STD known to be transmittable – even when so-called "protection" is used. The leftist educational system often leaves that out.

They're more interested in making kids comfortable with going out and getting those STDs rather than protecting them from behaviors that will land them in the middle of having them. People can disagree with me. I'm fine with that, but I remember sex-ed, and I remember what was put at the forefront of importance in my class. You'll be surprised to know that even as old as I am they were teaching sex-ed in ... Elementary School when I was there.

The government has no business raising our kids for us. This is a travesty. Even worse now I must say are the repercussions of them mandating vaccinations for the mess that they've helped to create by assisting the media in over sexualizing our youth.

We've taught kids that it's good to have sex. It's normal at any age. Then we wonder why they're sleeping around at the age of twelve when we're holding the first sex-ed classes at the age of eleven. We wonder why the youth of today is rampant with STDs when we glamorize sexual promiscuity as "Love", and bow down before the alter of people like Jenna Jameson. We wonder why marriage is on the decline while every television show, movie, and music video out there shows people hopping from one relationship to the next often without being honest with the person in the relationship they're leaving.

From a young age we teach boys that strong men, brave men, men to be idolized don’t believe in monogamous relationships, and then we wonder why men have a hard time being faithful to their wives. From that same age we teach women that sexual fulfillment is more important than family, and we wonder why women are abandoning their children in record numbers.

From the moment kids can understand what the shows they see on TV are about or what the counselors at school are saying we teach our kids that the wants, needs, and desires of the individual are more important than anything: they're more important than our kids, than the need for stability in the home, than the communication of real undying sacrificial Love, than what their parents are trying to teach them, and especially more important than what any "religious fanatic" (from parents to pastors) might have to say to them.

In short we teach our kids that selfishness is more important than generosity in every form, fashion and part of life – and then we wonder why they have no concept of respect, Love, or selfless compassion outside of what they think will benefit them. We've made our children into satanists.

Does that sound harsh and fanatical to you? Consider what Anton Levay said of satanism, "Since Satanism is essentially a religion of the self, it holds that the individual and his personal needs comes first." Many modern day religions (which are really just revised "evolved" versions of old religions) incorporate this ideology and it has absolutely devoured our society. In this ideology there is no Love as Love ... real Love puts others before the self.

This is a sickness in our culture, and we all share it. The problem is this: there are so many people who have this sickness that most people who see it are guilty of it as well, and they're terrified to speak out. It's like a heroin house full of people who are afraid that the moment they cry out "dear God! What are we DOING!?!" they'll be ridiculed, tossed into the street, and possibly beaten for speaking the truth about what they're involved in. In short, I'm as guilty if not more so than the next person, but I'm taking this opportunity to speak my mind about it. If this offends you then see your way out of my blog. If you attack me as a hypocrite then take a look in the mirror because there are no innocent hands in this situation.

I'm sure someone somewhere will ask "you can say what you want, but what are you going to do?"

That's something I've actually come to terms with a long time ago: First off my kids will not grow up as I did in a house where porn and R rated movies with sexual content is viewed by everyone ... even the kids. My kids will not know any woman I date or have a relationship with unless I intend to marry as anything other than a friend if they know them at all. I don't want to inflict that confusion on them. My kids will not be subject to overly sexualized movies, video games, music videos, TV shows, or anything else so long as they live in my home.

I will know what kind of house they're going to hang out in when they visit friends. I will know what kind of parents their friends have. They will be either home schooled or sent to a private school where I know the teachers and staff. I will research that school thoroughly, and absolutely most importantly... I will support their mother so she doesn't have to get a job so that one of us will always be focused on what they're doing.

I'm a firm believer that parents are the anti-everything-bad when they are thoroughly involved with their kids, and make an effort to be a positive influence. To this end I will live my life. May God have mercy on me for the mistakes I have already made, and the mistakes that I will surely make in the future.

I am fully convinced that if every parent took an interest in their child's well being to this extent and bothered to sacrifice for their well being our nation and our world would be in a much better state. I hope those of you who are considering having kids or have kids will take a minute to consider this.

I think I've said enough.

-One Angry Christian


Blogger Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Can I get an Amen? (Remember, that means "I fully agree")

I spent more years in Sex Ed in high school than I did in history, and can tell you more about STDs than I can about WWI. That's pathetic.

I'm actually going for a teacher's certification so that when I have children, I will be able to give them a good education.

(and thank you for the post on my blog. *Grin*

10:58 AM  

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