Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Random Corpses"
One Angry Christian

I was over reading Reality Hammer's journal (as I often do because his posts rock), and I found this anti war lefty basically using one using one fallen soldier as a battering ram during the discussion.

It occurrs to me that the left has actually has less respect for our troops dead than they do alive.

Don't be fooled when they start talking about "supporting the troops by bringing them home". They no more care about the troops than they do a random club on the ground that they can use to bludgeon their oponents with. That's a bit of an understatement actually as we're talking about real people. They see them more as "random corpses" that are tools rather than people. A club is at least made to be a tool. Dead people are not.

To understand how across the board this is with the left all you really have to do is read the New York Times ,and watch how they denegrate the soldiers while they're alive and then pick them up and beat down the morale of the American people with them once they're dead. I once read a blogger joking about how the NYT is going to release a desk top ticker that will update you on the body count in Iraq every time someone dies. Sad thing is that most of us who are paying attention are surprised more that they haven't already done just that.

That sound harsh, but that's where we're at in America.

-One Angry Christian


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