Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My crystal ball says "six dollar a gallon gas and yet more taxes"
One Angry Christian

This sounds good doesn't it?

Democrats hope to establish alternative energy fund

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives say they’ll set up a special fund to promote renewable energy and fuel conservation once they become the majority party in 2007.

And, according to The Associated Press, they plan to pay for it with revenues from the oil industry.

Details haven’t been worked out yet, but The AP reports that the money from big oil could come from increased royalties or cutbacks in the tax breaks the industry receives.

Emphasis mine.

Here we go again with that stupid "THE BIG EVIL OIL COMPANIES MUST BE STOPPED" mentality. If this actually happens, and they get all of the approval for the funding they want I make a prediction here. First off, they won't get all of the tax revenue they want. The more you tax an industry the less you make. That's been shown ... over and over. Apparently, democrats have a very short term memory, or they missed out on economic history completely. Secondly, I predict that we the lower middle class will take the brunt of the abuse. People like myself who make over 30k a year and well under 50 will be taxed straight into the poor house. Besides being taxed to death I predict that in order to compensate for the taxes oil companies, refineries, and gas stations will raise their prices. We'll see extremely high prices driven by taxes.

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Save the planet by screwing the middle class.

-One Angry Christian


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