Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Massive World wide event planned to promote shutting down Guantanamo
One Angry Christianity

Just found this site calling itself "witness torture". They have a plethora of people contributing to their campaign.

Yes. They're just another peace movement, but they're having a huge event the tenth of this month. If you have a camera of a camcorder and you happen to live in one of these areas please get footage of their event, "International day to shut down Guantanamo". The list of times and places can be found here. Unfortunately, they don't have anything in my area, or I would be all about getting some footage of these idiots.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they are endorsed by the socialist movement of NYC, along with many many other "interesting groups".

If anyone has contacts in the Protest Warriors group pass this along. They need to see it.

-One Angry Christian


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