Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Headlines ... With a twist
One Angry Christian

Here are a few headlines ... One Angry Christian style:

Sean Hannity of Fox news defies the Clintonian god head and airs treasonous clips previously censored by tolerant Democrats.
Sean Hannity dares defy the Omnipotent Clintonian god head's efforts to censor out oppositional bits of a made for TV movie. Democrats decry film as "inaccurate" stating that they would support freedom of speech as long as the speech supported them in every way.
HamNation of spews anti environment propaganda.
Mary Katharine Ham attacks environmentalists who are trying to protect the environment from the poor and destitute's efforts to destroy Mother Nature. Protestors defend their pro environmental stances putting "earth first" by supporting the living conditions that help control and contain the human populace ... so long as it's not in their neighborhood.
Peace loving people (aka: everyone but the conservatives) gathered for protests this weekend to support the genocide of the Kurds.
While Bush was busy building his oil empire the peace movement was busy helping Iran build its nuclear empire in order to support a more "earth friendly" US policy (IE: Earth - humans = earth friendly), and the genocide of at the very least... the Kurdish people.
Democratic Majority Flexes its muscles for the first time: Supports Illegals' rights to American jobs.
Today the Democratic leadership kept its campaign promise to its voter base to keep them in jobs this week. Next week we believe they'll be blocking the Republican charge to keep their base from voting by implementing a policy to verify citizenship, registration, whether or not they've voted in that election already, and whether or not the voters residence is six feet under a tomb stone. Democrats are confident that the Republican effort to discriminate against "undocumented workers", quadruple voters, and dead people will be defeated.
Sadr to his "resistance" leaders: Iran is to Iraq as Cambodia was to Vietnam
Muqtada Al Sadr (or "Mookie" as we lovingly refer to the pro environmental {ie: anti human life} Iraqi resistance leader and all around good guy) has once more out witted the evil capitalist oil stealing world domination plotting oppressors of the environment by hiding his most pro environment leaders (ie: those guys with the highest head count) in Iran, and feigning weakness. He was over heard today refering to "Iran" as "Iranbodia". Peace protestors erupted in celebration as the Kurds moved one step closer to extinction.
And Finally:

Evil conservative bushitler puppet and all around religious sympathizer who'll soon be wearing a pretty star passes out from shock.
The conservative blogger known as "One Angry Christian" passed out from shock today as he read the blog of one "Kirsten Powers" of Powers Po!nt fame. One can only hope that he's hit his head and will soon be found going to that imaginary delusion he calls God.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Be safe.

-One Angry Christian


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