Monday, January 01, 2007

Googling for the Angry Christian
One Angry Christian

So I have to kind of step back for a second and take a deep breath.

Today I decided to see where my blog shows up when I google "one angry christian". Of course, my blog popped up right about the top. I was kind of excited. Yay for me! I'm on the google engines, right? Well, I found some other stuff I didn't expect, and it was ... rather flattering and VERY encouraging.

I've always considered myself a small time blogger who might be read by one or two people. Realistically I figured I might have a dozen readers total. I never realized that there are people reading my blog that I am completely unaware of like Okie on the Lam, Ed Driscoll, Fuzzy Craig, Ron Hebron, and most noteably Hugh Hewitt the conservative radio talk show host, and blogger.

How do I know all of this? Google baby. It's your friend. When I googled my blog I found that several people apparently really liked my "man of the year post". The post has been linked, posted on some blogger communities, and reposted by everyone I previously mentioned. To be fair these guys probably had someone pass them a link the story. As much as I'd love to believe Hugh reads my blog regularly that's just not likely. Though I can suspend reality for a minute and indulge myself. >>suspends reality<< There. Now I feel better. Heh.

In the end it means very little except that I'm getting a lot more attention than I thought. I really didn't think out side of those who subscribe to my myspace, live journal, or the ... couple of readers who post on my blogspot that anyone really paid attention. Apparently, someone reads my blog, and to all of you someones out there ... thank you. Some times I wonder why I keep posting on here when most of my readers have already read the stories I post before I post them.

Just occasionally it's nice to see that you're making an impact of some sort. Thank you from the very bottom to the very top of my heart.

-One Angry Christian


Blogger Susan Kaye said...

I came here via Hugh Hewitt and found your blog to be of a tone I enjoy. (Not quite hyperventilating, but red-in-the-face.) I tend not to lurk around the huge journal sites--I know Blogger is huge too, but seems more sedate and grownup--so what I read here seems fresh to me.

If you ever decide to abandon this blog, leave a forwarding link as I read you once or twice a week.

Take care

9:21 AM  

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