Thursday, January 04, 2007

Daily Run down
One Angry Christian

The news in a flash:

The reign of terror started today on Capitol Hill as Nancy "Marches with pedophiles" Pelosi took the gavel as House Majority Leader. Meanwhile outside, those powerful Democrats who had so recently unseated the Republican party from their majority status were introduced to the real "reign of terror" otherwise known as the Democratic Base (aka: the "peace movement"). As Democratic leaders fled the fiery breath of Cindy "even with tens of thousands of dollars I can't get my beloved son a head stone" Sheehan she took a moment to remind all of us how much the Socialist movement owns the Democratic party.

Those wacky "Republicans are dumb and can't spell" reporters were at it again using their high priced educations to produce a different take on the spelling of "feud". At least this time they didn't confuse an American Senator with a world renown terrorist. I mean hey, COME ON! It's not like they knew. You'd think they'd done a FULL STORY on his name before! You know the media. They're oh so reliable. Nope ... no bias here.

On another note Israel has decided that they're tired of fighting off the millions of racist Islamofascists, so they're moving to the moon. Unfortunately for them, Iran also has extraterrestrial ambitions, and appears to be attempting to take Jihad where no man has gone before. One blogger is optimistic however, and sees a two state solution. He suggested that "many Palestinians don’t seem to be at all put off by explosive decompression", but gives a non explosive alternative to the lunar Palestinian state theory for the sake of being humane. I believe though that it is their right to fulfill their religious desires for self explosive decompression so long as they keep it within the bounds of those who believe likewise about the whole "exploding" thing.

And finally, while the Lizards at LGF are celebrating the uplifting of one American Hero, and the enjoyable trample of one international ... idiot and villain we all have something else to celebrate: the possible death of another fanatical religious nut trying to push his beliefs on others via nuclear weapons and suicide bombers. No. I'm not talking about some James Bond fictitious character. I'm talking about Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Hoorah to all my military buddies out there, and have a very good Islamofascist free night. Good night John boy. Good night Mama. Good night Saddam... No wait... he's dead. My bad.

-One Angry Christian


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