Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why are we losing the war against Islamofascism?
One Angry Christian

I sit and watch the burning rubble of the "Grand Old Party" smolder after the last elections, and I understand full well that the Republican party not only deserved it, but they worked hard for it. I listen to the commentators on different "main stream" news outlets, and I hear "corruption" this, and "cronyism" that. I watch Nancy Pelosi's reign of terror start and implode before it even began, and listened to her talk about "the most ethical Senate ever", and in the next breath try and appoint some of the most corrupt politicians EVER into positions of power. I've seen comedy hour evening shows bring on just about every liberal politician they can get their hands on and promote them while crowds of cheering fans adore the most insanely fanatical and heinously authoritarian leftist leaders in American history. I've seen two of our enemies cross our borders and speak on our soil about our commander in chief like he's a dog. I've seen our news agencies time and time again use false sources, faked images, over or under blown stories, and a blind eye to the miracles performed by our military to shape the minds of America's population. I've seen leftists on line using every tool they can find to bury information that would be damaging to their cause, and attacking not only textually but also using illegal DoS attacks to take down bloggers and media outlets that disagree with their own point of view. I've watched as American Muslims have blamed "ignorance" for non Muslim's "prejudice" against the faith of Islam, and it's ability to integrate peacefully into any society not run by it's own leaders while they turn a blind eye to the fact that people are angry because millions of Muslims are either enacting, inciting, or supporting vocally and openly the wholesale slaughter of anyone who does not whole heartedly assist them in their efforts to wipe every other religion off of the face of the earth. I've watched the secularist movement destroy the once strong movement of Christians who have long stood against the use of violence to perpetuate religious propagation.

Time and time and time again I have seen these things happen, and the fact that Islam has just about over run Europe surprises anyone astounds me. It astounds me almost as much that anyone could question how they are using ACLU tactics to run down those who oppose them here in our own country. We set the standards. We built the machine. We should not be surprised when they use it against us. If you impose dishonest gain and injustice on your people via the legal system then don't flinch when they turn that same weapon on you.

I think I'll bust out a bag of marshmallows to roast over the carcasses of political public careers burning while I watch the leftists, socialists, and Islamofascists stand side by side supporting each other.

For those who are (right about now) thinking, "Where are his news links? Why isn't he backing up his claims"?, I'm bored of providing links to news stories to back up my claims to people who don't bother reading them. Those of you who bother reading the news and/or my blog know what I'm talking about as you've seen the news clips first hand. Those of you who read the news and have some sort of mental dysfunction that keeps you from seeing the war that's about to engulf you ... well ... maybe Darwin was at least somewhat right.

The only real question I have about any of this is ... do you think the idiots on the left are going to be surprised when the machetes and suicide bombers are turned on them? I'd pay good money to see the look on Hugo Chavez face when someone screaming "Allah Akbar" blows him and a bunch of his idiotic bodyguards into flying pieces of cooked hamburger. The grand world drama is only getting started, and there's plenty of fresh meat for the Islamofascist war mongering beast to feed on. Grab your popcorn. Things are getting more interesting by the day.

-One Angry Christian
(Ranting Raving and dishing it out)


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