Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Personal Hero: Dr. Bob Carter
One Angry Christian

I wasn't going to make another post today, but I came across a story about Barbra Boxer and how she's beating Scientists into saying what she wants them to, and weeding out those who don't agree with her "more educated" views. She's obviously more scientifically sound, right? Dr. Carter was mentioned towards the end of the article doing what makes him my personal hero: speaking out against political motivated suppression of scientific research and dissemination of information.

This man is my hero:

The statements she proceeded to read came from such scientific sources as Wal-Mart, Shell Oil, and JP Morgan. She read through 4 of them before it became painfully obvious that she had selected statements which amounted to the choice of agreement coming down to supporting the idea of human created global warming or the earth being flat. Finally, Dr. Bob Carter, a paleo-climatology researcher at Australia’s James Cook University, called Boxer out on her pre-selected assortment of scientifically ambiguous statements. Of course, freedom of speech must only apply to the media, because Dr. Carter was quickly silenced and then criticized for not participating in Boxer’s dog and pony show. What was Boxer’s conclusion based on two of the dissenting scientist’s refusal to play her reindeer games? Obviously they must know they are wrong, everything she said has merit, and the world is melting in a climate catastrophe.


I had been debating climate change and the so-called "man made" global warming epidemic when I came across Dr. Carter's work. He was one of the few researchers who had written papers on global warming that the left wing websites didn't have anything posted about. I guess they didn't post anything about him at all because he wrote some very convicting pieces on why global warming and how it's being researched is a wash, and they couldn't find any dirt on him.

If you can't destroy it, bury it. Typical leftist info fascism.

-One Angry Christian


Blogger glrmc said...

Dear One Angry Christian,

I appreciate your supportive comments.

The fact that Senator Boxer will be replacing Senator Inhofe as Chair of the EPW committee does not augur well for balanced public discussion of climate change.

Should you be interested in finding some other information about climate change, and its likely natural causes, you may wish to visit my website at:

You can find there full copies of the two documents that I table with the Senate Committee.

Thanks again for your interest, and kind regards,

Bob Carter

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