Sunday, December 31, 2006

My last post for the Year (Hot Air MANIA!!!)
One Angry Christian

So this year I've become a addict. I admit it. I read the site just about every day. It helps me pass the time at work that would be spent staring at the wall and wondering if the paint will actually peel. I've become a huge Fan of Allahpundit and See-Dubya as well as Michelle Malkin. So today I give tribute to my favorite conservative website without whom i would still be pulling garbage from a lot of mainstream media sites.

So without further delay I give you (as Allahpundit would say) Hot Air MANIA!!!

The next time someone tells you the media isn't biased tell them to stuff it. The media research center hands out its worst reports awards for 2006. Speaking of the worst reporting of 2006, did you think the Ambulance wars were over? Think again. Never mind the ambulance. Did you ever wonder where in the world is Jamil Hussein? Apparently so does Michelle and Investor's Business Daily. Don't you wish the AP cared that much about their contacts, or the New York Times Mag cared that the "victim of anti abortion laws" actually murdered her own ... Infant by strangulation? Eh, oh well. At least the LA Times is bothering to revisit some of the misrepresentations, right? Or maybe they (the MSM) really DO think Saddam was a victim of "US imperialism"? Who knows?

Well, at least we can still flee said imperialism to France and Spain. I mean hey, they're in good with the "Religion of Peace", right? I meann the West has been diversifying like crazy! Surely we can find room for some "rather sensitive people". Eh oh well, if not maybe we can fall back to Ethiopia. They seem to know how to handle machete-brandishing-suicide-bombing religious fanatics. Kudos to you Ethiopia.

Possibly with the changes we've seen this year from Saddam Hussein finally getting his to a devout feminist going hardcore Muslim even Barbra Boxer can turn over a new leaf and quit supporting terrorists.


For this One Angry Christian this is the end ... see you next year.

-One Angry Christian


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