Sunday, October 15, 2006

Iraqi Casualty Propoganda
One Angry Christian

From Level Head on live journal:

The report is here, and its appendix (with methodology) is here.

There are several problems, the largest of which is illustrated by this cartoon:
  1. The known bias of the data collectors on the ground

  2. The known bias of the compilers and supporters of the study

  3. The determination of the "normal" (Hussein-era) baseline for comparison

  4. The non-random cluster sampling

  5. The high margin of error

  6. The Fallujah effect

  7. The assertion that this study "validates" the previous one

  8. The history of problems with the Lancet's studies

  9. The Lancet's appetite for controversy
I'll look at each of these issues -- but there are many more.

You really should read the rest of this. The accusations without the background are just rhetoric. The background and proof ... is heavily damning. Kudos to Level head. That's one of the best summations of why this report is nothing but terrorist propaganda I've seen yet.

-One Angry Christian


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