Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Violent actions versus verbal disagreements
One Angry Christian

This isn't my usual clips of news with sarcastic humor interjected. I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up lately. Just so everyone knows my birthday went over well, and I have been out of town visiting my kids. Work has also been kicking my butt which brings me back to my rant.

I've spent a lot of time listening to the nonreligious zealots talk about the "violence" or religion. I've heard how "dangerous" the religious movement is in America, and how one should not be "certain" of their beliefs but rather "believe" in their beliefs.

This actually occurred at my place of employment. One particular person I work with has made numerous comments about the fact that he thinks that Christians are dangerous, fanatical, and down right crazy people. It becomes massively apparent to me that the nonreligious zealots are completely oblivious to the fact that they are daily surrounded with the very "dangerous people" that they are talking about.

We're so dangerous we don't file complaints against those who openly criticize us (or as some minority groups call it "discriminate against with hate speech") with false accusations. This sort of mind set is nothing new, but it has turned into almost a fanatical religious movement of it's own that tries to suppress the religious rights of those it disagrees with, or bullies those it views as a threat. It's what is most commonly referred to as "group think" of the nonreligious sort.

This movement views dissent as a heinous and vicious thing that threatens to destroy the very fabric of freedom. Yes. You read that correctly. Freedom for whom? I guess they're referring to the freedom "from religion". I'm sorry, but you'd basically have to move off of planet earth to planet Atheism to achieve that. most of the earth is religious in one form or another. In America we take it one step further. We're not only religious, but we're passionate about our religions to the point that we protect their free exercise.

Those involved in the movement of anti religious zealots all seem to have one philosophy in common "religion is bad in any shape form or practice and socialism is good". In short the movement seeks to put the government in place of religion, and in turn in control of our daily lives. Of course, if you ask anyone who vocally expresses their distaste for religion in general and supports the government stifling our freedom of speech they'll quickly tell you that they don't support the government running "everyone's lives". Apparently, they're only ok with it running Christians lives. How quick are these so-called tolerant "anti hate" lefties to remove the freedoms of those they disagree with? Very quick in deed.

It's amazing how our society can no longer tell the difference between a religious fanatic using violence (as we are so prone to call them the "religion of peace"), and a religion that is passionate about it's views and firm in it's faith. Such a society is doomed to destroy its own guidelines and open the door to the very people who would murder it's citizens.

-One Angry Christian


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