Thursday, September 14, 2006

Police Investigate Shooting at Montreal College

Thursday, September 14, 2006

MONTREAL Investigators tried to determine Thursday why a young man in a black trench coat and a mohawk haircut opened fire in a Montreal college in a terrifying rampage that killed one woman and left 19 other people wounded.

This sort of thing is the reason that people like us need to make an effort to help people understand that we are not dangerous. It seems that only the negative aspects of our community get news coverage.

This kid had a membership, and the media has been showing his blog all morning long. Jet finally got on and took it down. Hopefully his VF won't get too much bad press from this.

I believe this sort of thing needs to be covered by the media(the list of clothes the guys wears and the site he frequents doesn't really bother me),but frankly they're not giving the community a fair shake because this sort of thing is the ONLY thing they show.

-One Angry Christian


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