Thursday, September 07, 2006

Liberal Info Fascism Part 2
One Angry Christian

It's important to document this sort of stuff in my opinion. Clinton HIMSELF has stepped in and called ABC about this "docudrama". They are pulling one particular scene from the film. It "never happened". It was a scene that was supposed to depict in one shot the four episodes where Clinton let Usama Bin Laden go before 9/11.

Not only that but Media Matters has stepped in as well. There's video here, and the entire Senate Democratic leadership has decided that they suddenly support censorship.

I'll be honest. I'm not expecting anyone to really get up in arms about this but the Republican base. It's really sad how one minute the leftards are screaming bloody murder over censorship stopping them from publicly broadcasting porn to any five year old who can operate a computer, and the next they're trying to censor someone who's simply trying to accurately portray a very horrible mistake in our history simply because it will hurt them politically.

-One Angry Christian


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