Thursday, September 28, 2006

Left Wing ... no LIBERTARIAN info fascism
One Angry Christian

A while back I posted an entry about how the left was using the internet to manipulate what people see. Now it appears I've found another political movement doing the exact same thing.

It's amazing to me how these online public political movements who claim to be the beacon of light in times of darkness are so openly dishonest and completely manipulative. This cuts right to the heart of the people heading them up.

In all seriousness if I find a republican site doing this I'm nailing them in a post as well. In fact, since they're "family" so to speak I'm going to turn them over to some of the more rabid conservatives I know who'll hand them a flame storm of drama they'll never forget.

In short, I hate liars, cheats, and dishonest people ... no matter what party they are.

-One Angry Christian


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