Thursday, September 07, 2006

Left wing info Fascism
One angry Christian

After the Reuters photo scandal, the loose change assault on the intelligence of America, and the selective reporting on the Israeli conflict and the Iraq war you would think we wouldn't need more proof that the left is not only lying to America, but getting away with it apparently.

Need it or not we have it.

The Democratic Underground forum or DU as most bloggers call it has organized an effort to "google bomb" the search engine Google in order to subvert information on the internet stemming from a 9/11 movie put out by ABC. Don't take my word for it. Click the link above and read the forum yourself. Here are a few excerpts:

Original post:

To counteract the effects the ABC 9-11 movie could have on the midterm elections, I recommend this course of action:

The night of, and the morning after, people will be hitting the internet looking for information on the events as depicted in this movie.

Our biggest opportunity will be to have nearly identical blog posts waiting, then submit them to be found internet wide the morning after the movie. Google and Technorati will pick up on these posts quickly. We can make these entries dominate the first several pages of the search engines.


Get every Democratic friendly blog on board as possible... you e-mail the ones you know, they'll e-mail the ones they know, etc. Make SURE these blogs are on the Technorati network and have also been submitted to Google's blog search.

For one day, change the title of your blog to the title of the movie.

Agree on a clear, detailed, and sourced body of information -- I've seen several examples on DU lately disputing what is in the movie. Media Matters has one. One was posted today on DU by Richard Clarke.

Everyone post it. Right after the movie is over or the next morning at the latest.

a few responses to give you a general idea of the theme:

  1. ...we need to be prepared to do this, at every turn. Is there some way that DU can facilitate your plan?
  1. ...let's put the power of the Internet to work!
    As for putting together all the information, I'm willing to use my journal for the project. In addition to Will Pitt's article, are there other links that you think should be included?
    Edit: I wonder if admin would be willing to pin it so that it gets as many responses as possible.
  1. ABC should air Loose Change and several other factual 911 videos.nt
  1. Google Bombs Away...

It's hard for some people to really get the importance of this. This isn't some practical joke. This is a large group of online users who are manipulating websites to suppress information. I've been saying for years that the Left suppresses information online, especially on Google. If you try and search for anything remotely political, religious, or otherwise of interest to the left wing internet users you'll find the first ten pages of Google pull up the most insane conspiracy theorist, staunch evolutionist or humanist, hardcore liberal or socialist websites on the net.

It's as if the right doesn't even exist online. This shapes the views of many people who search online for "valid news sources" because the right doesn't even have a voice.

Yet more proof that the Liberal online community is for free speech and open communication and diversity when it puts their candidates in power, and against it when it opposes their agenda. This is group think fascism of the worst kind.

-One Angry Christian


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