Friday, September 08, 2006

It's my day off, but here I sit
One Angry Christian

So I'm just about to walk out the door to go spend time with my kids and wonder around the mall. I was crusing around my rss feeds when I found a couple of things I want to pass on. Please PLEASE circulate these.

“Why they hate us”: The website
Allahpundit @

Karol thinks it’s serious. I clicked through a few and was presented, in immediate succession, with photos of Abu Ghraib, an SUV, and Wackeys. Which makes me think it’s either a very sly parody of the “root causes” hand-wringers or else a rather crude misunderstanding of the jihadi grievance mindset.

Assuming, that is, that the “they” in the title is a reference to people in the Middle East. If it’s a reference to western progressives, then yeah, it’s serious. And dead on.

Judge for yourself.

I found this on the website that's running that:

WhyTheyHate.Us is a participatory web photo project using images submitted to Flickr, a popular photo hosting site. The images are chosen at random from uploaded photos tagged “whytheyhateus”.

The images displayed on the site are not curated, edited, or censored. Anyone can contribute any image to the dialog and eventually every image will be shown in the random display.

This project is possible thanks to custom code written by the resourceful, generous, and talented Steve Calderon.

I wonder if they really mean it when they say "The images displayed on the site are not curated, edited, or censored". Anyone can submit pictures? Cool, I'm going to submit pictures of things militant Islam really hates: homosexuals, women at work, women in anything that displays more than just their eyes, women voting, women speaking in public, couples holding hands in public, couples kissing in public, advertisements with women in bikinis, places of worship that are NOT Muslim, people praying to someone other than allah, anything on mtv, porn (America loves that and it’s an executable offense in any devout muslim nation), people eating pizza on Ramadan, people burning the hezbollah flag, the Iranian flag, and hanging OBL in effigy.

Feel free to spread this around to your friends.

and as a bonus: Video of OBL talking to the 9/11 hijackers. (warning profane language coming up) All of you conspiracy theorists can kiss my lilly white hairy buttocks. (ok, maybe not)

And on with the Democratic effort to censor ABC by threatening to remove their license to broadcast, and attack Disney via the nutroots movement.

-One Angry Christian


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