Monday, September 04, 2006

The Conservative Case for Rudy Giuliani

Posted in [info]giulianiblog on 2006.09.02 at 21:06

Editor's Note: I really couldn't have put it better than DaveG. His exhaustive case for Rudy Giuliani from a conservative perspective is reprinted below in full.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News makes the conservative case against Rudy Giuliani for 2008. Hawkins’ piece largely consists of the same old anti-Rudy arguments wrapped in slightly new packaging, focusing a lot on Rudy’s decade-old socially liberal positions on a few cultural issues, as well as his Manhattanite personal life and some nonsense about unelectability (more on that later). As such, I think this is a great opportunity for someone to lay out the conservative case for Rudy in ‘08. And that someone might as well be me.

To all you political junkies out there, check this post out. I want some feed back. What do you think about the points made? Do you think holds water? Do you think Rudy has a chance? I'm holding my comments till later. ... Yeah, mark that on your calander.

-One Angry Christian


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