Monday, September 04, 2006

Byrd Confirms "Secret Hold" on Porkbusting Bill -- And Drops It
One Angry Christian

The whole "secret senator" thing just didn't smell right to me. It really irked me when even the right wing blogs were quick to point fingers at the republicans. I have said over and over that just because a senator was listed as having denied putting a hold on the bill didn't clear him.

So today I find this:

Byrd Confirms "Secret Hold" on Porkbusting Bill -- And Drops It

In a newly-released statement, Sen. Robert Byrd's (D-WV) spokesman Tom Gavin confirms his boss Byrd had a hold on the bill -- but has hereby released it.

The entire statement follows:

I told you so is such an ugly statement. I really hate having to use it so frequently.

To be fair, if I had found out that it absolutely was a Republican i would be more angry than if it were a democrat. We expect democrats to behave this way. It's part of their platform. Republicans, on the other hand, we have higher standards for, and we expect them to be upheld.

-One Angry Christian


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