Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MIA: The Conspiracy Crowd
One Angry Christian

SO, I'm just curious. Has anyone seen the loose change crowd? Ya know, the "really observant" and "skeptically intellectual free thinkers" who are always able to spot a "discrepancy" in media reporting or government assessments?

I could be wrong but I think they're all over on Alex Jones website sitting this one out playing "pin the blame on authority" while listening to Alex Cooper albums in reverse trying to figure out if he's a government plant in the rock community. They are apparently MIA on this "discrepancy" reported by Michelle Malkin who gives us this rather extensive list of links:

Remember Pallywood.

And the Big Jenin Lie.

And the Iraqi museum looting hype.

And CNN's deal with Saddam. And Nic Robertson, Hezbollah tool.

And the NYTimes' news-stagers and sycophants.

And photo-staging suspicions in Ramadi.

And rampant insurgent photo propaganda everywhere.

If that's not enough for you here's some more from Michelle Malkin's website:

EU Referendum
looks closer. Dan Riehl looks closer. Allah Pundit looks closer. Ms. Understimated looks closer.

That's not even the part that really got me going. I mean yeah, that's a lot of evidence supporting this conspiracy theory of Jihadis using dead bodies as props to further their agenda, and allowing people to die so they can be filmed as propaganda, but this observation was what really got me thinking (Again from Michelle Malkin's website):

Gerard Van der Leun is must-must-read on the weaponization of children. We need more antidotes to moral equivalence like this:

If you aren't sure exactly who has the moral high ground in the current struggle in Lebanon, you might reflect that while it is possible to see a grown man on the Lebanese side of the struggle dangle a shredded child by an ankle for the world's cameras, you don't ever see that sort of thing at an Israeli funeral, do you?

And while you might be feeling very, very bad for the dead and dangled child, you might also ask yourself where the pictures of all the dead Hezbollah and Hamas warriors are? Don't see many of those, do you?

Or perhaps you do, if you ask yourself what sort of man could hold up a dead child by the ankle to be photographed. Or what sort of man could seek out and take the picture and make sure it got out to the ever accommodating Associated Press?

Because you do see the "brave" terrorist warriors in these pictures after all. They're the ones digging up the kids, and holding them up for the feast of the cameras. Indeed, the terrible truth that we in the West cannot confront is that, in some instances, they're the ones that are killing the kids in the first place. As we know if we are honest with ourselves at this stage, there is nothing too base and too vile for the proud "warriors" of Islam to do in the service of their anachronistic god; their banner is the Bloody Shirt, and they will never have enough blood to quench it. And any blood, as long as it is not theirs, will do.

Read entire article on Michelle Malkin's site

It really reminds me something out of a really bad B movie about government conspiracies and how they play things up to get people who oppose them thrown in jail. Just one question on this, where the hell is Alex Jones and his band of merry idiots? Probably out giving pointers to the Hamas and Hezbollah on how to best direct your propaganda to hit your favorite target audiences using Hollywood style production work, and a brainless CNN "reporter".

-One Angry Christian


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