Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Weekly Funnies
One Angry Christian

This week George W. Bush's birthday gets crashed, the root of all (political) evil, and the closing of a local Palestinian business. The news this week has been rather historic. We've seen everything from Israel out right attacking Lebanon for it's refusal to control the terrorist cells with in it's own borders, North Korea launching it's first long range missiles (that failed miserably), and of course there's the whole "Government official caught with hand in cookie jar". Who would have thought his cookie jar was kept in the freezer, so without further delay ... I give you ... this weeks funnies.

1) George W. Bush Turns sixty and gets a rather ... unpleasant surprise.

2) I'll take political corruption for 500 Alex. ... What is ... political corruption?

3) Israel boycotts long time Palestinian business of "trade".

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have just moved so my internet will not be back up until tomorrow. I'll probably be busy so you may not hear from me. Till then ... keep fighting the good fight.

One Angry Christian


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