Friday, July 21, 2006

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One Angry Christian

Save the Earth! STARVE THE MASSES!!!

The main problem with bio-fuels, is that producing them causes the world’s cars to compete for the same resources as the world’s hungry stomachs. If you claim to care about world hunger, “social justice,” or simply understand the economic problems of the bio-fuels industry, then you must reject bio-fuels.

We are not the only ones concerned bio-fuel development will end up killing poor people. For example, in the industry’s online clearinghouse site some surprising facts come out.

Un Reaps the rewards of protecting terrorists

Hezbollah-fired rockets have hit a UN observation post north of Zarit, according to the Israeli army.
The attack comes as Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Thursday that the group's leadership remains intact.

Kos Korruption violently protected by kult like following? Who'ld a thunk it!?!?

"[H]ow does a political blogger who endorses candidates at his site create a transparent environment when he may also be consulting for — or have some other undisclosed relationship with — some of these same candidates?" Silverstein asked

Silverstein also voiced his displeasure with how his June 26 blog on this subject was received by the Kossacks.

"In short, I expected some might not like what I wrote. But I simply wasn't prepared for the onslaught," he said.

After sharing some of the malicious attacks he received in the comments section of his blog, Silverstein addressed how the site's administrators appeared to be participating in the bashing rather than performing their prescribed tasks.

Shot of the day, Live from Israel

Hope everyone is having a good day. Be safe.

-One Angry Christian


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