Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sheehan, antiwar protesters begin July 4 fast

Some say protest will last until American troops return from Iraq

WASHINGTON - About 150 protesters sat in front of the White House Monday to savor their last meal before starting a hunger strike that some said will continue until American troops return from Iraq.

I find this whole thing absolutely hilarious. My first reaction was "well, I hope they maintain their fast until the troops come home", but then I later read (as not ALL news agencies reported the ENTIRE story as usual) that they were "relaying" their fast.

What the hell is that? How do you "relay" a fast? Seriously, they're taking one day for each of them to fast.

“We have to put our own lives on the line, and I’m willing to do that,” said activist Diane Wilson, who pledged to fast until the United States withdraws from Iraq.

Dearborn said 2,700 other activists nationwide, including actors Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, would work as a relay team passing the fast daily from one to another.

There are 2700 people taking part in a "relay" fast? What does that mean? That one person has to fast ... every seven years? I know that not every SINGLE person is involved in the relay and the circles are probably a bit smaller, but some people are fasting EVERY WEEK, and we don't hear about them on fifteen news feeds bemoaning what they are fasting over.

Why do these people get special attention? Why aren't we giving this kind of attention to those who fast FOR our troops? Why aren't we giving this kind of attention to people who fast for the prosperity of our nation? Why don't we give this kind of attention to people who fast for protection over our leaders or wisdom for our leaders? Why is it that celebrity protestors, screaming socialists, and those in favor of murdering unborn children get face time with the camera and the rest of us get ignored?

One word, six Letters: agenda.

-One Angry Christian


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