Thursday, July 06, 2006

The right leaning trends in North America and Beyond
One Angry Christian

Lately, I have noticed a trend in North American politics, not just US politics. The political atmosphere of North America is leaning further and further right. Of course, many conservatives would dispute this claim citing problematic instances caused by groups like, the New York Times, and the fact that people are becoming more and more open about being communist.

It's true that the left is better organized, more motivated, and hugely funded as well as backed by the mainstream media (of the MSM as most conservative bloggers call it), BUT ... (yes that's a butt monkey for you Laura Ingram fans out there) the fact is that regardless of it's funding, backing, organizational structures, and motivations the left is LOSING the war for the hearts and minds of America.

Consider the fact that the cable news outlet with the highest ratings and a vastly more participator audience is The Fox News Channel. Consider that the left's only talk radio station (or has it yet been reduced to a show?) "Air America" has less than a one percent share in listener ship. Consider that Rush Limbaugh is STILL popular despite the lefts attempts to destroy him using his own personal issues to attack and belittle him using the MSM (there's that term again), a tactic that they say is distinctly a right wing tool that they are "above". That claim makes me laugh with nausea ever time I hear it.

Think about the fact that movies like "The Incredibles", "Saving Private Ryan", and "The passion of the Christ" which also rates in the top TEN of all time US box office profits. (Who were those tards who said it would be a flop? That would be the left.) More recently we've seen Glen Beck (God Bless Glen Beck) on CNN'S (for those who don't know that's the communist news network, or was it Clinton's news network? I can never remember) Headlice news ... errr ... HeadLINE news. Sorry. Ok. Well, not really, but that's ok.

Some people in Hollywood have even decided it's "ok" to be conservative or even (gasp) REPUBLICAN! Kid Rock is a republican. Unfortunately, so is Britney Spears. Did I mention Arnold Schwarzenegger? Now, I could be wrong but I think Mel Gibson is a conservative as well considering he risked his career as an actor to finance, direct, and produce (but not star in for once) his masterpiece "The Passion of the Christ" which cost roughly 45 million to make and market, and brought in over six hundred million in box office sales world wide. That actually puts it in the top fifty of the highest all time world wide box office sales (number thirty according to

So in the midst of all of this conservatism that's invading America what are the liberals to do? Move to Canada? Apparently not. Canada is going conservative. According to their election results the Canadian Conservative Party has gained a tremendous amount of momentum and in the last election gained twenty five seats as well as the Prime Minister's own seat.

As I have just now googled "conservative Canada" I can see the liberals screaming bloody murder. The pot people are bemoaning that they will soon lose their rights, and the homosexual rights sites are screaming "bigot" on every site my search turned up. It's amazing how much hatred one Google can turn up.

Well, that's it. Go south instead. I know. MEXICO! That's where they should go.

Ah, but not so fast. Apparently, Felipe Calderon (a conservative candidate) has just declared victory in Mexico over his liberal opponent. Of course, his liberal opponent is pulling an Al Gore, and threatening to sue. That's right folks; if you can't get enough votes just beat them down with your monetary muscles in court. That's the liberal way. Some how I seriously doubt that's going to go over well with the public there.

What's a liberal to do when all of North America is becoming over whelmed with conservative bigots and their capitalist big money corporate power?!? Where are the little guys like George Soros, Jane Fonda, John Edwards, and Fidel Castro who'll stand up to far right extremists and their "morals" and "values". What are these morals and where do they come from anyway? Didn't anyone tell the right wing that God lost the election after we sued him over voter fraud, and had him arrested for hate speech against homosexuals? Seriously now, God's a myth! Only idiots believe in God.

That's why we believe that our fifteen percent of the population should be able to take offense at and have removed any public Christian image, word, theme, statement, and/or idea, and publish, broadcast, and otherwise shove our homosexuality, pornography, profane language, and various other forms of "free expression" we feel like spreading around en masse.

Ah liberals. Ya gotta love 'em.

Maybe we should pack them all up and ship them back to Europe where they can be over run by Islamofacists, and over taxed by their socialist mentors.

Hold the presses. Europe has been cutting some taxes and talking about a flat tax. Gee, that sounds mighty conservative.

To where shall we ship all of the soon to be homeless liberals? I have two options to suggest: Russia and Cuba. Let them live under the dictators and socialist regime's they love. Meanwhile we'll continue prospering.

- One Angry Christian


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