Friday, July 28, 2006

My very first contest
One Angry Christian

Alright kiddies. I have a home work assignment for anyone who isn't too lazy to google. I want to know how much money Cindy Sheehan has made off of her son's death. Specifically I want to know how much the DOD has payed her.

For extra credit you can find out how much she's made off of her books and tours and donations. I want credible sources, and exact figures. No guessing. No independent blogs without THEIR source being cited from a government institution or a nationally recognized publication.

The first person to post the amount with a cited source wins. If you aren't the first, but you can pull up how much she's made from donations, books, tours, and what not with a legitimate source (you'll have to be first on the extra credit) I will call it a tie.

The winner gets a three month free premium membership (payed for by yours truly) to Bill Oreilly's website. If this works I may run more contests later. ... maybe.

On your mark. Get set... GO!

-One Angry Christian
(I'd be surprised if ANYONE can find it)


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