Friday, July 21, 2006

Moonbat canabalism
One Angry Christian

Ok. Ok Ok. I've been ... stalking the enemy so to speak. I was reading an article on about how things are getting a little "turbulent" over at dailykos, and I have to admit, I was over on the dk site reading around checking out what's been going on. I forget who but one of the many conservative blogs I read asked if the far left was supporting Cynthia McKinney in her run for office.

Well, I found a thread on that site that WELL illustrated the divisions in the left wing of America. I saw everything from a guy being labeled racist for saying he wasn't, to one person being labeled a "Limbaugh" follower for bothering to point out the obvious ridiculousness of Cynthia McKinney calling herself a victim as she's from a prominent wealthy family that leans so far left they make the Kennedy’s look sane. It’s funny how socialists are so willing to use capitalism to their advantage.

The main topic of discussion was barely touched by most of the conversation. They keep going on and on about whether she actually decked the guy because he was racist or not. The general consensus on the thread "For those in the know: McKinney primary challenge info" which originally was about whether or not McKinney is more liberal than her opponent. In fact, the originally post specifically stated that it wanted any negatives about her NOT to include the "cop hitting incident".

Of course if they were talking about a white congressman "hitting" a black female security officer it would have been called the "police brutality" incident.

It was kind of like watching a one armed man try to fight himself. It was rather hysterical. I guess it's true. The left really doesn't really just hate conservatives. They apparently hate each other as well.

Just makes you wonder how far the cannibalism goes in the "netroots" of the leftwing of America.

-One Angry Christian


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