Friday, July 28, 2006

It's starting in the US now
One Angry Christian

5 shot, 1 fatally at Seattle Jewish center
By TIM BOOTH, Associated Press Writer
8 minutes ago

SEATTLE - At least five people were shot, one of them fatally, Friday afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, and one person was arrested, authorities said.

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Anyone care to wager a bet as to whether this is random or jihadi inspired?

Not one shot was fired after "The passion of the Christ", but Hollywood and most of the Democrapic leadership was in an uproar. The Jewish leaders were angered (if not justifiably at least understandably) by the movie, and critics called it "too violent" while movies like "Kill Bill" were labled "artistic".

Now we have people screaming "kill the Jews" in the streets of San Francisco and all around the world. Terrorists fire rockets into quiet cities directing their destruction at apartment buildings, retirement homes, schools, and hospitals. Hollywood is silent. The Democratic leadership calls it "freedom of speech", and the Jewish leaders are angered, rightfully so.

Where are the peace protesters? Where are the special interest groups that want to stop hatred? Where is the defense of civil rights, and the outrage at what these butchers are doing?
This might not be the direct work of a militant muslim, but it is surely the influence of Islamofascism in our very own nation.

-One Angry Christian


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