Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ironically I just picked up a copy of her newest book "Godless". I logged in this morning and found someone had posted a link to an interview she had with the New York Post.

(Hat Tip to Micheal In Michigan)

My favorite quote:

NY POST: Your characterization of liberals paints them as extremists. But with people like Pat Robertson telling us how God keeps telling him who He's angry at, isn't it fair to say that there are extremists on both sides?

A: Pat Robertson opposes capital punishment, opposed the impeachment of Bill Clinton and supports trade with China, just for starters. Seems like a pretty mixed bag to me. So what makes you call him extreme? That he believes he has dialogue with the Lord? Do liberals now call anyone who thinks this an "extremist"?

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This is exactly what a lot of liberals think. Of course, some liberals believe God talks to people they just think that if God says anything that might imply rules, or distinguishing right from wrong ... it must be the voices in your head. How Ironic. Moses must have suffered from a multiple personality disorder.

-One Angry Christian


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