Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Free Palestine" rally in San Francisco And the MSM still supporting terrorists
One Angry Christian

I've been following the Israeli struggle pretty closely the last few weeks. I came across a protest and let the Protest Warriors know about it as some Israeli contacts I have on one of my blogs posted about it. The response to the pro Palestine rally was pretty intense. Judging from the photographs a lot of people showed up to counter this protest and support Israel's right to defend itself from terrorists. you can find pictures of this rally here, here, here, here and here.

It's really Amazing to me how easily the mainstream media is getting used as a tool by the terrorists in this struggle.


"It is very, very dangerous. We are now at the most dangerous place at the most dangerous moment." (Watch attack fears force a CNN crew from ruined Beirut neighborhood -- 4:46)

Pausing before an apartment building, Nabulsi said, "Look what happened to this building, inhabited by innocent civilians ... no military bases, nothing."

I watched that video, and basically the Hezbollah representative rushes the reporter around a damaged neighborhood feeding him a lot of stuff about " there's no one here but civilians", and "there is no military here". I completely agree. The Hezbollah are not military. They're terrorists. What he doesn't mention is that Hezbollah and Hamas both have a habit of forcing their way into civilian homes and using them as a base of operations in effect using the civilians as body shields.

Of course I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the article. They focus on the Hezbollah's fight to protect it's "dignity". A militant group that uses civilians as cannon fodder HAS no dignity. Of course this also makes me wonder if the "civilian casualties" being reported to the MSM are nothing more than a mix of Hezbollah soldiers and civilians massacred while trying to flee by the Hezbollah. Is this the same "freedom" Palestine is trying to obtain? Scary thought.

-One Angry Christian


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