Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Facism of the Left and their online censorship
One Angry Christian

This is yet another example of how the left screams "civil rights" when it suits them and then tramples the rights of others. Every time I find something like this I'm going to post it for those "moderate" lefties who read my blog who keep trying to tell me that it's the right not the left who are "imposing their standards".

I have taken part in discussion on many left and right wing sites. It always seems to be the right wing sites that get knocked offline by these sorts of attacks.

Point in case from little green footballs:

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Internet Jihad

Jeff Goldstein is back and he’s proud, after a pair of DoS attacks took his site offline earlier: protein wisdom.

UPDATE at 7/8/06 7:32:58 am:

Nope, he’s still down. And it may have something to do with this: BLACKFIVE: A New Low.

This sort of thing makes me really angry with those on the left who out right lie about their desires for "equality". It does nothing but prove those who are on the far FAR right correct in their assesment of those on the left.


protein wisdom is Back online for anyone who's been paying attention to this. Of course Jeff Goldstein is having a bit of fun at his assailant’s expense. Can't say I blame him after having his server attacked. I don't think he's going to peruse finding out where the attacks came from so they can be prosecuted which I find disappointing.

If I remember correctly under current law internet attacks of that sort based upon one's political views can be classified under terrorism. It would be interesting to see how a suit of that sort would go. People on either side should be held accountable for that sort of thing.

HotAir's Allah pundit has more... a LOT more. Apparently she resigned from her position at the University as a professor of psychology or whatever it was she was doing there. She's was also one professor who defended Ward Churchill, and a member of a 9/11 conspiracy theory group according to Allah Pundit.

This woman is teaching our youth? Seriously, what kind of standards do these universities HAVE?!?!

For once I actually get to give kudos to a liberal blogger which is a very refreshing and altogether enjoyable thing. If you read nothing else you should read Jeralyn Merritt's post about the event. Kudos to you, many Kudos. I wish more people on either side had that kind of brass.

-One Angry Christian


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