Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Evan Coyne Maloney is my hero
One Angry Christian

This is one of those "you abso-phreaking-LUTELY have to see this" posts.

We've been talking about protester violence and the influence of universities over the students and how professors have become hell bent on indoctrinating people rather than teaching them how to be "free thinkers". Evan announced to day the release of "Indoctrinate U" which covers a lot of the major conversations being held on this blog.

Evan writes:
Indoctrinate U covers a number of stories never before shown on screen. Some of the stories are bizarre and so hard to believe that you may end up researching them yourself. And if you do, you'll realize that the truth on campus truly is stranger than fiction. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's frightening, and sometimes, it's just plain depressing.

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