Thursday, July 27, 2006

Epiphanies before bed
One Angry Christian

I was running through one of my other profiles reading messages that someone sent me in response to a link I posted. I read the response of one guy talking about how the author of the blurb I posted was a government mouth piece and all of the stereo typical conspiracy theorist rhetoric.

I went to the guys profile and read his self description. He states that he's "anti authority" and a "cognitive dissenter". I sat there and rolled that around in my head, and it hit me. I had an epiphany about people who become fanatical on almost any subject, but especially on the subject of government or corporate conspiracy.

They are much like the old proponents of the spanish inquisition. They state their general ideology and then fit their beliefs to that ideology. At first glance this seems common and almost acceptable. it IS, however, common, but completely delusional.

Instead of getting your perceptions from the experiences, facts, and beliefs constructed by what the evidence presents a person the person takes their perception and makes their experiences, facts, and understanding fit their preconceived beliefs.

Which in the case of one who states that they are a dissenter in the most general sense, and anti authority as a general state of being means that they automatically assume that the government is at fault, those in power are to blame, and everyone but you and your tiny group of friends who agree with your every word are wrong.

Wow, talk about an elitist mindset of the most delusional proportions. Unfortunately, I'm now going to bed with that train of thought stuck in my head.

-One Angry Christian


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